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Repurpose a threadbare wooden sleeper

Old wooden sleepers were a lot easier to come by a few years ago, and if you are lucky enough to have an original, there’s a good chance it is worn and threadbare from many footfalls down the years. An exciting opportunity for a creative repurpose!


Settle it in a bed of gravel to provide good drainage, and hopefully, prolong its life for a few more years. Weed guard fabric separates the garden soil from the gravel layer as do the river boulders edging the sleeper bed. With the holding structure in place, you are ready to dress your centerpiece. Succulents are the obvious choice: this mini cameo is in full sun, and the stones radiate and reflect heat off the surface increasing the temperature of the immediate surrounds. These species handle harsh sun, have low-water requirements, and have a small enough root ball to fit into the narrow gaps worn into the wood.


Haworthia species come in a variety of leaf colour, shape, and pattern, and are a perfect choice for this display, as is the dwarf Aloe, Aloe aristata.

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