Fabulous Fusion

Exposed to scorching sun, heavy rains, drying winds and stony soils, this site is a perfect spot for some fabulous fusion!


Lampranthus species, Cotyledon orbiculata subsp. orbiculata, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, Dierama pendulum, Aristida junciformis, Euryops pectinatus

Succulents jostle with each other in this vibrant show softened by the inclusion of grasses. The drooping fronds of grasses and the grassland wildflower, Dierama pendulum, mingle with fat, static succulent leaves of varying shades of green, grey and red. These create contrasting elements that are wildly attractive. Round dollops of orange vygie and meter high mounds of yellow daisies connect the grasses and succulents to create an eye-catching mosaic.

Dierama pendulum, (fairy bell, hair-bell) is common in grasslands of the Eastern Cape, growing on both stony and marshy ground. Evergreen leaves are linear and erect, up to 9 m high. Through spring and summer, pendulous flowers in shades of pink, open along thin, arching stems held way above the leaves. The Wandflower requires good summer rains, a dry winter, and as much bright sunlight as possible to ensure a good flowering display. Leave clumps undisturbed for at least five years, and never cut back the leaves as this will have a negative impact on flower development. Rather remove the dead outer leaves by tugging on them gently to remove from the clump. Dierama pendulum will cope with light frost.