Nature's Paintbox

Our succulent rockery provides year-round colour, food for birds and insects, plus a water-wise, low-maintenance solution for a dry bank. Read further…

Succulent bank: Scarlet Crassual alba, long green arms of Aloe vanbalenii, and fat round blades of Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

A steep north- facing slope in Gillitts, a small suburb inland of Durban, begs for a succulent rockery, the perfect design solution for an area that can otherwise be difficult to maintain. While lawn is particularly effective in preventing soil erosion on banks, slopes are difficult to mow and keep neat, but here, careful plant selection ensures it remains beautiful with minimal effort. As gravity pulls the rain water down the slope to the lowest point, water penetration is minimal and soils here, the upper sections especially, are usually dry; succulents do well in these conditions.


Senecio barbertonicus creates height at the top of the bank. A small to medium size shrub with a neatly rounded shape it has bright green needle-like leaves and acid-yellow flowers that attract insects and butterflies throughout summer. Tucking into the foliage of the Senecio