• Pruning wild grasses

    A Winter Garden 


    Along a quiet residential road in the hills above Durban is a sun-drenched savanna-style garden of thorn trees, aloes and wild grasses reminiscent of the Lowveld region around the Kruger National Park, considered by many to be the ‘real’ Africa. It is remarkable how well-established is this young garden.


  • Senecio tamoides Wildlife shelter

    Indoor Plants for an attractive & healthy home

    Indoor plants add a pop of natural colour and texture and an outdoor ambiance that can’t be matched. Add air-purifying abilities, and they become a must-have décor for every room in your home!

  • Aloe arborescens
    Tangled Habitats
    for Wildlife

    The dense foliage and tangled limbs of climbing plants are loved by wildlife of all types as they provide shelter, roosting sites, and food all packed into a small space. And they offer great value to the gardener too.


  • Haemanthus albiflos in clay pots
    Simple Autumn & Winter Containers

    The clean lines of these elegant clay pots need no embellishment other than the strappy leaves and white Paint brushes. For sunny areas, try our succulent arrangement. 


  • Adenium multiflorum
    Flowering through
    May and June

    Late autumn and early winter offer a cornucopia of situational and regional pageants for South African gardens. Their value is many-fold: providing wildlife food and adding bright, cheerful colour. 


  • Kleinia fulgens autumn butterfly food plants
    Pink Joy in the Garden
    Crassula ovata

    This year’s flower display is breath-taking, barely a single leaf to be seen beneath the mass of white and pink flowers resembling an out-sized bridal bouquet.


  • Zanthoxylum capense
    Fruits for Birds

    The autumn months are a crucial time for our fruit-eating birds, and they’ll be on the hunt for ripe berries and fruits before supplies tail off with winter’s arrival.


  • Aloe suprafoliata
    Water Wise Design
    for Frosty Gardens

    This water wise design provides a delicious mix of texture and form, a melding of subtle colours that will change through the seasons!



  • Succulent bank South Africa
    Resilient Verge Designs for  the home garden

    Successfully planted verges provide us with a list of resilent species for our gardens as roadside plants battle challenging conditions to survive.



  • Designing for water scarcity
    Designing for
    Water Scarcity

    Beyond the drought – what then? Focusing only on drought-hardy planting suggests to me a temporary fix, a way to ease a garden through a current crisis.



  • IMG_0135.jpg
    Succulent Displays
  • DSCN0112.jpg
    Gravel Gardens
  • DSCN2250.jpg
  • IMG_7095.jpg
    Grassland/Meadow Gardens

Perennial Combinations; Shrub Combinations; Wall Gardens, Steep Slopes, and more...

  • Barleria obtusa Easy-care shrubs

    Start your garden with shrubs that embody a trifecta of valuable traits suitable for current gardening conditions: easy-to-grow, low-maintenance & water wise.  


    Begin your Garden with
    Easy-care Shrubs
  • Bold or pastel flowers for summer

    What’s your colour flavour for the coming summer? A walk on the wild side with piping hot pinks and pepper yellows, or a cooling summer salad of pastels?



    Bold or Pastels
    for Summer?
  • Cotula sericea Groundcovers for Cape gardens

    The right plant cover protects against frost, fierce sun, wind and rain. And adds beauty & year-round interest. 


    Cape Covers
  • 14 trees for small spaces

    Small gardens need a tree in scale with the size of the area is which it will sit.


    14 Trees for
    Small Spaces
  • Bee on a daisy

    Imagine a floral carpet fragrant with the scent of citrus, mint & jasmine - rich in pollen & nectar for bees. 


    Plant a Bee Carpet
  • Top 10 bird plants for KZN South Africa

    By Charles Botha. 


    What would be your top pick?


    Top 10 Bird Trees for KZN
  • Bird nest building mateials South Africa

    The autumn months are a crucial time for our fruit-eating birds, and they’ll be on the hunt for ripe berries and fruits before supplies tail off with winter’s arrival.


    Autumn Fruits for Birds
  • Dragonflies South Africa

    Autumn butterflies have a single purpose in mind, to mate and lay eggs and, to be successful in this, they require sugar-rich liquid food for energy and a host plant on which to lay them.


    Autumn Butterfly Foods

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