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Meet the Founder, Editor & Designer of the Web Magazine

Anno Torr Editor Founder The Indigenous Gardener Web magazine The Plant Library

There are few places I would prefer to be than walking through the spring and summer grassland flowers around South Africa. My deep concern and love for our floral heritage, the natural environment, and our diverse animal life drive this online magazine which I founded in Dec 2011.

I founded The Indigenous Gardener in December 2011 as a page-turning PDF digital magazine hosted on Issuu. After many iterations, it transformed into a web publication in 2016. 

If you haven't yet visited, browse a supporting site, The Plant Library, set up in 2016 to help South African gardeners find plants for almost every situation.


  • I am addicted to watching insects at work.

  • Help to manage Iphithi Nature Reserve, a 12 ha urban reserve on the doorstep of my home in Gillitts, Durban.

  • Vice-Chair of the Coastal Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa, and  Plant Fair Committee for this BotSoc branch.

  • Earned a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Geography and Economic History from the University of Natal, Durban.

  • Avid reader, recycler, upcycler, repurposer, and constant gardener.

  • I'm currently experimenting with wild urban designs at home which I share with a menagerie of wildlife, 3 indigenous dogs, a charming little feline, and rock-climbing son, Benjamin. The very computer-savvy son, Nicholas, managed to escape this wildlife park a few years back.


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