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Inspiring YOUR indigenous garden

Has Drought switched off the tap?

Design your drought-proof garden now!

Our article will tell you how. 

Future droughts are a certainty, and our 6-PRONGED APPROACH will help you re-design your garden to keep plants watered and fed even with the taps switched off. 


Beyond Drought: Designing for Water-scarcity - read it if.....

  • Your plants are struggling or have died due to lack of water

  • In the past, you've watered your garden frequently

  • You have a lot of paving and other hard surfaces

  • You responded to the drought by installing a water tank and planted succulents; well done, but you’re only 1/6th of the way to a drought-hardy garden!  Discover how to get 6/6!



Plus, if you're unsure of your garden’s water wise credentials take our Water Wise Quiz - available for download within the article.


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Without water,

how will your garden grow?

The Indigenous Gardener 2018

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