Looking to grow your business in 2018?

Choose where you'd like to place your advert/s to gain valuable exposure to your target market of local gardeners, landscapers, 

nursery owners and suppliers to the landscaping/ gardening trade. 

All packages are signed up for a minimum of 3 months, paid monthly. Full 3-month payment, 3% off. Prices quoted per month.



Inspiration Galleries R 550/ page
Inspiration Galleries R 550/ page

Here, your advert is exposed to viewers even before they click to view the slideshow.

Inspiration Gallery in open mode
Inspiration Gallery in open mode

In slideshow mode visitors get to view your advert with NO distractions so make it juicy!

Advertise where you specialise
Advertise where you specialise

Succulent nursery? Make your advert count! Advertise on our Succulent design page.

Supply specialist products?
Supply specialist products?

Focus your message and match your products to a relevant page.


Article page leaderboard R550/page
Article page leaderboard R550/page

Book a prime spot right between article header images.

Plant Library links from R5.50/link
Plant Library links from R5.50/link

Nursery owners; if you sell any of the plants in our library, let reader know with a Stockists website link on each page.

Business Finder from R 450
Business Finder from R 450

The Business Finder is arranged regionally for quick search. Don't be missed!

Inspiration Gallery

1 page   - R 550 

2 pages - R 1000

3 pages - R 1350

Article Pages

1 article   - R 550

2 articles - R 1000

3 articles - R 1350

Business Finder

R 450 for 1 geographical area

R 550 for multiple areas


Plant Library Text Links

Min. 50 plants:           R 350

51 - 70 plants:   max. R 450

71 - 120 plants:​ max. R 660

150 plus plants: min.  R 750

Simple, convenient digital order forms

When you're ready to sign up with us, we provide convenient and easy digital completion and signing

of our Advert Order Form via HelloSign. Takes away the need to download and scan, and their system

automatically emails your completed form back to us - and sends you a copy too. 

The best secure and legally binding digital document system worldwide.

Just let us know that you'd like to advertise, and we'll send you your customised order form via HelloSign.



Advert space includes

  • Image (Width 400 px by height 290 px)

  • Company Title

  • Short marketing blurb - 35 words

  • Image and text links to your company website

  • Direct email link from your advert

Where we place your advert

  • Within your geographical area

  • Within a relevant subcategory (Nursery/ Landscaper/ Other products)

  • Companies with branches in other areas get relevant regional adverts 


Image dimensions, Quality & Format


  • Inspiration Gallery:

       Width: 420 px by height 295 px ; JPEG;  2 MB

  • Business Finder:

       Width 420 px by height 295 px; JPEG; 2 MB

  • Article Leaderboard:

       Width 728 px by height 90 px; JPEG; 2 MB

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